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We have witnessed during the past years a huge technological advancement in terms of telecommunications. Big operators are competing on a high level, seizing every opportunity to get an historical advantage by providing the market with new services. The number of earth-orbiting satellites is also importantly increasing, making it smoother to run all the necessary operations.

One of the emerging technologies in the telecommunication sector is phone locating. A consecutive chain of processes that aims to locate a phone number.

It comes as a protective measure against thieves and as an asset for some companies that perform surveillance on their staff. What makes this functionality powerful is that fact that you only need a valid phone number In order to locate a phone.

Of course, all the mobile operators have developed internal panels to track and locate phone numbers. However, the access is not granted to every user. You have to go through many procedures and legal formalities to get your phone’s position.

Fortunately, we came up with a solution to locate a phone number. A free and exceptional tracking functionality for the people who cannot retrieve their phone devices.

We developed a simple platform, put at the disposal of the people who wish to locate a phone number. To avoid getting people confused about its usage, we simplified as much as possible the user operational aspects. We only require a valid phone number to run the locating process.

How does the operating system work?

We got in touch with a reliable signal center who link our servers with the satellites that perform triangulation to locate a phone a number. First, we receive your phone’s data (Country + Phone number) through our locating platform. We run a database research to see if the information you provided is valid, if it corresponds to a real number within the specified country. In order to do so, we resort to the global GSM database; filter the results by country to make sure the phone number you provided is active. This operation does not take much time; it acts as a validation process to avoid flooding the system with invalid requests in the background.

Afterwards, the data file is compressed and directly sent to the signal center, who starts the connection with the satellites to locate a phone number. This operation involves four satellites, three acts as engines and one as a support for synchronization. Once, the satellites has located the phone number, they deliver a coordinate encrypted package to the data center who send it back to our servers.

In order to protect your data and secure the exchange process, the center puts an encryption of the file that is sent to our servers. We use a special software to remove the encryption and recover the position of the phone. The final step is putting the received data in a global positioning tool, which will display the location of your phone on a global map.


Locate a phone number in 4 steps:

During the tool building, we took care of simplifying the procedures the user must take to locate a phone number. If you have never used similar tools before, just follow the steps below and the process will go smoothly. A step-to-step guide with images is also available on the blog section.

  • Access the locating panel by clicking on the “Locate a phone number” button.
  • You will have to fill the search boxes with two information. The first one and the most important is the phone number you would like to locate. Make sure to add the country code to prevent some issues and increase the speed of the locating process.
  • Run the phone locating by clicking on the “locate” button and wait for the server’s response. The information you just entered will processed within seconds to check if the phone number you entered is a valid one.

Two cases may occur:

  • The system automatically changes the number that you entered by a similar one registered in the database.
  • The system cancels the locating process, the user has to enter a new phone number and run the process again.
  • Let the system run for few minutes, it will generate your phone’s location and represent in a global map.

If you face any issue with the platform, check the comment section. Someone has maybe pointed out that before and found a solution. You can also contact us, we usually respond within 48 hours.

Locate a phone number for free:

Free, free, everybody loves free. That’s why you will like the service we are providing. It is completely free, you do not have to spend anything to locate a phone number.

With our tool, it is possible to locate a phone number for free. In addition to the system’s accuracy, providing a free locating service is what makes it unique and one of the locating tool on the internet.

Many companies and private detectives provide such service for big amounts without even giving the right results. The operational system used by phone trackers and mobile locators does not require the mobilization of important resources, especially with the quick technological development the past years. One little device can store huge amounts of data and play a key role in keeping the process working as it should.

Locating a phone number for free is all about finding the right intermediate, which is an entity (Signal tower, Phone operator…) that can link your system with a satellite. The intermediate has the responsibility to monitor the movement and the synchronization of the satellites that perform triangulation. If there is a millisecond of difference, it affects the quality of the positioning.

Having that said, it remains quite difficult to locate a phone number for free because it touches the interests of many tracking agencies, that will eventually try to go against this platform through the legal gate. Nevertheless, we are consistent on giving our users one of the phone locating functionalities

Do not look elsewhere; you are in the right place to locate a phone number for free.

Legal status

It is very important to consider your legal position before locating a mobile. You probably would not like someone to track your movements and it’s your right. Two important notions intervene in determining your legal status in these cases:

  • The consent: It means you need the other party’s acceptation. It can be a verbal or written statement allowing you to locate their phone number. With no consent, trying to locate a phone number is considered as a privacy violation and can put in a bad legal position. In the same context, many companies are facing legal charges for privacy violation; it’s about the digital contracts that users approve when they install an application on their mobiles.
  • Legal possession: The device you are trying to locate is in your possession or in the possession of a person you are responsible for. It’s the case of parental control, parents are allowed to track their children’s device, and also for company managers that would like to ensure that the assigned tasks are done properly.

Before running a phone location search on our platform, please review your position and consider the legal consequences of your act. We are not responsible for any privacy violation or misusage.

Processing speed:

The processing speed varies from a phone number to another; it usually takes two to three minutes to get your phone’s location. Many factors intervene in the determination of how much time is required to conduct a phone tracking. What actually takes time, is not the tracking itself, but the verification conducted along with it, in order for instance to verify that it is a valid phone number that will not slow down our machine.

We adapted the system to recognize and rectify the errors that may occur due to entering a wrong digit or an incoherent country code. By setting a country selection box, we limit the number of suggestions by filtering them. This operation keeps the system smooth and avoid multiple bugs that we faced before.

Under certain circumstances mainly related to the environment where the phone is located when you run the locator, it may take more time to locate a phone number. The system goes through more procedures to establish a geo-perimeter to locate the mobile.

Locating a turned off device:

Many people assume that is it not possible to locate a phone when it is turned off or has no power. The reality is that it depends on the type of the operating tracking system. If it is based on internet connection, then obviously, when the internet data exchange goes off, this tracking feature will not be accessible. But when we are talking about the GSM locating feature, the key device to the success of this process is the module identity card. This little device functioning is based on signal transmission that we usually use when we want to call someone or send an SMS. I don’t know if you noticed before, but when receive a call when your phone’s battery is off, the SIM card is able to detect it even though the phone is off. It means that it kept working independently and received data that we will exploit in the locating procedures.

Concretely, to locate a turned off cellphone you will need the number that identifies its SIM card. It is the number that people use to call you or send messages. You also need to know where the phone was registered when it was purchased.

When we talk about global identification, the country phone code is an intangible part of the number. We require from our users to select the country where the phone belongs to identify the GSM in a global context, you need to add the country phone code.

The phone locator will run the usual process to identify the device, get the adequate data and generate the position coordinates. If the device is still connected to the phone (In robbery cases, the thief may remove the sim card and thus separate the sim’s position from the cellphone.) the locator will generate the actual position of the mobile.

As long as the identity card is valid and functional, you can locate it.

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