Users can exploit the locating functionality available on our platform (Numlocator) in many life areas; it is definitely a lifesaver in many situations. The first thing that comes in mind when we’re talking about phone tracking is recovering a lost phone.


when we are talking about robberies or when your drop the mobile by mistake or forget it somewhere. Almost every person have been is these stressful situations where time determines the possibility of finding back your mobile. If you do not act quickly in these situations, you can say goodbye to your cellphone. You have to adopt the right approach to recover your phone whilst the mobile identity module is still working.


Many companies have settled surveillance processes based on this tracking technology to look over their business. Let’s take the example of logistics companies that deliver products to people. In such business, it’s very important to control the costs (delivery costs) and keep a strong hold on the delivering assets. To ensure that the employees are following the right route, managers resort to SIM trackers. Those trackers are put on the vehicles and can give real time actualized positioning. It will collect a number of data that the logistician can use to optimize the delivery costs.

Parental control:

applications also include this functionality within their packages. It allows parents to know exactly where their children via their phone numbers. It can be combined with other algorithms to send automatic messages if the device is out of a defined perimeter.


Couples can also use our platform to test the loyalty of their partners. Although, we do not advise you to do so, because it creates trust issues within the couples. We all know that in relations, there are ups and downs, using our platform can create material proofs against your partner that may destroy your couple.

We walked you through some situations where having access to a phone locator can be extremely useful, but keep in mind that you may face legal issues if you do not consider your legal position.